Saturday, October 13, 2018



Black big spot on the back,
White long streak on the head.
I love you so much because you give me your happiness' shed.

So cute you are, just like a soft toy!
that's the reason, why I kept your name JOY.
When I saw your eyes for the first time,
They were jet black, and with delight I started to clap.

You are so naughty, talkative and bark like a ghost,
and again & again you chew up my school socks.
and my mother says "there's nothing to be shocked".
When I see those big holes,
then in school "My socks went for wash" I told.

But still I love you a lot.
Whether you are CUTE OR NOT!   



The thought that remains you wake up,
The grit that makes you affirm.
When the heart commands to tough grind,
Run without any cold feet of decline!

Your sweat will reflect your prowess,
No stain would ever erase your zeal,
If you stand, and move on with a feel.
The feel to move, to run, to try

my one of the new poems


Born in the shadow of mother cloud,
got holy from the almighty.
bundle of glory and honor come down,
Show your will; Oh, Little Pirates.

Fighting all the way down,
struggling with desire; are generous.
crawl onto winds, jump off the trees,
Don't get fragile be valorous.

Oh, LittlePirates, you affirm,
have a shape of an egg drooping.
some small, few large not infant,
remember Little Pirates, you are the fighters.

Tumble all the way down on mother earth,
sacrifise life for toddlers who see you;
laughing and expecting their thirst run away.

You get title 'Little Pirates',
for the glory, for the heritage.
You are tomorrow, were yesterday,
You are today; in our hearts setting down.

We praise you, appreciate you,  
learn from you as well as get from you.
You are our necessity, without any clue,
Our champions of generations;

Monday, May 7, 2018


How to overcome negativity?

“NEGATIVITY” sounds like something very bad! Isn’t it?

Now the question arises that how to overcome it….. to know this first we need to find out that what’s the root cause of it?

Have you ever thought of it?
Maybe yes, for few…….

So, here I’ll tell you all the main root cause of the term ‘negativity’…..

You know what, it’s just a feeling of oneness with it. It is a feeling where u find everything really bad, u think that you are alone or feel depressed…. And u generally get this feeling when you have suffered from something really very bad. When your inner self starts getting tired of fighting you can say that you start feeling ‘negative’.

For sure many of you would be already knowing this and would be saying that ‘what’s so new in this!?’

Exactly!! This is my main point, if you already know the main ROOT CAUSE behind it and what you are feeling then why to waste time! Although time is very PRECIOUS! Isn’t it?

So instead of thinking what you already know start thinking how to overcome it!

WILL POWER! (Is a thing or can say a thinking process, part of your attitude) will help you a lot!

Then whether you are old, senior citizen, youngsters, youth or teen it always remains inside you since your birth!

The thing is how or when you use it?

If you want that your subconscious mind should think good things then you should have will power to think good.

When you start thinking that ‘no one can defeat me! I am the best! I am strong enough to face failures!’
Then I am 100% sure that even the ‘N’ of negativity CAN NEVER TOUCH YOU!

well here are some of my old poems which I recenty found in a box packed in the almirah........

Well, this one is not up to the mark as since I was just in 6th standard.... but still hope you laugh and enjoy it! Have a happy reading!!



Mathematics is everywhere 
You just have to make concentration's layer
If you respect it, it will take your mark's care!

Mathematics says "I just want a good teacher to address & explain me"
whether she takes fee or teaches free
You can enhance your knowledge in it like a grown up tree

Why few of you hate it?
just set a good goal in your life and aim it
If you wish, you may make it a goal and frame it

Mathematics is everywhere 
You can either throw it or make its fare.  



A FAITHFUL FRIEND Black big spot on the back, White long streak on the head. I love you so much because you give me your happiness&#...